Demilitarizing the Pacific

51741861_2064304543634550_948681193908338688_oThis event is cosponsored by VFP Chapter 72, KBOO,
World Beyond War, Oregon PSR, APANO, and DSA.

Oceania Rising: Peace Pivot to the Pacific

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Peace House – Metanoia Peace Community
2116 NE 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212

This FREE panel event features three Indigenous speakers:

OKINAWA: Tina Grandinetti is a PhD candidate at RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research (Australia), and a member of Women’s Voices Women Speak (WVWS). In 2017, she traveled to Okinawa as a member of the WVWS delegation to the International Women’s Network Against Militarism gathering. As a biracial Okinawan woman who grew up in Hawaiʻi, she is interested in nourishing transnational solidarity against imperialism and towards decolonial futures. In Okinawa this week, the Japanese government is filling in a coral reef with sand to extend the new Henoko Marine base, destroying a highly biodiverse ecosystem that is home to fish, sea turtles, and dugong (mantees).

GUAM: Kisha Borja-Quichocho-Calvo is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa, where Pacific Islander students have organized the Oceania Rising group. She is CHamoru from Guåhan (Guam) who has been very active in efforts to curb the military buildup there, and in cultural work and poetry.

HAWAI’I: Ruth Aloua is a Kanaka Maoli from the Kona District, Hawai’i. Her grandmother’s lineage binds her to the island Hawai’i and her grandfathers to Maui. She is a mahi’ai (farmer) for Malu ‘Āina Center for Nonviolent Education and Action and a kia’i loko (fishpond guardian) for Kaloko Fishpond. Her work extends to the peaks of Mauna a Wākea (defending Mauna Kea peak from the Thirty-Meter Telescope), to the plains of Pōhakuloa (a military training area on the slopes of Mauna Kea), into the deepest depths of the ocean to the realm of Kanaloa. She is an advocate for peace and justice fostering nonviolent interaction between people, land, water, ocean and air.

Here is the Facebook event page.

More info: Contact: Daniel Shea, Veterans For Peace –


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