Making Waves!

Making Waves is the title of a great short doc film, released in 2018, about the Veterans For Peace anti-nuclear project boat, The Golden Rule. On February 11, 2019, VFP Chapter 72 co-hosts a Portland screening of the film in the Buchan Room at First Unitarian Church downtown, to be followed by discussion and actions to abolish nuclear weapons!

makingwaves_goldenruleFILM SCREENING
Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule

Monday, Feb. 11th, 7:30-9:30pm
First Unitarian Church of Portland
1211 SW Main Street
Portland, Oregon

Click for FB event page (please share!) Basic event details and a location map can also be found here.

Golden Rule S/V Crew member and Golden Rule Project Ambassador Zoe Byrd, will show the 25-minute documentary, Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule. The film tells the story of four Quaker peace activists, led by Navy veteran Albert Bigelow, who in 1958 set sail to the Marshall Islands, and helped influence the public demand needed to end underwater, atmospheric, and outer-space nuclear bomb tests in 1963. The historic peace boat later sank, in 2010, and was rebuilt in Humboldt Bay, California. The Golden Rule, a Project of Veterans For Peace, is dedicated to “Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World and a Peaceful, Sustainable Future.”

An ecstatic crowd witnesses the launch of The Golden Rule into Humboldt Bay on June 20, 2005.

An ecstatic crowd witnesses the launch of The Golden Rule into Humboldt Bay on June 20, 2005.

Nuclear weapons is a scary topic, to be sure, but a fascinating one, which Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility demonstrated at a recent No Nukes Forum held in SE Portland, an event that integrated poetry and art, science and history, gender perspective, and of course, citizen action. Oregon PSR is another sponsor of the October 11 Making Waves screening.

Getting up to speed on the topic of nukes empowers us to raise our voices, thereby helping influence the public demand to end nuclear madness once and for all. Raising one’s voice can include having simple conversations with people, just sharing stories. Come see this movie, get in on the discussion, and come away with a great conversation topic: the story of The Golden Rule!

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